Office Support 911
Karen Braschuk

Is your business drowning in paperwork?

We can do practically everything...except make the coffee!

Office Support 911 can help you affordably!

You have a one time administrative project that needs to be done now!

What are your options? You could call an agency and hope that the person they send (and whom you'll be paying for a minimum of 8 hours) will be up to the task and will possess the skills to perform it to your satisfaction. Whether or not the job is done well, you are committed to paying for the full day.

Can any business afford that risk?

Please click on the Services link to find out more about what Office Support 911 can offer you…

Mission Statement

Office Support 911's mission is to help your business grow by providing you with affordable, high quality administrative support.

Happy Customers

Our long list of satisfied customers is a testimony to our world class VA services, such as Rogers, W3 Business Advisors, The Bay, 543 Queenston Rd and Canada Goose.

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